HD Photo Album


Our photo book is 20×20 cm s, starts at 26 pages and is protected by a hard cover. Each page carries one image: the whole picture you took or a cropped version you choose. This is the best way to keep things simple and fast for you (we tested a lot of different formats). “Simplicity rules.” Finally on the cover you can choose a title or place an image. The spine has a title and the date you ordered it. Easy no? 😉


Design it in 5 minutes… on your phone!

Welcome to the first photo book that you can make on your phone in five minutes. We have been there: a photo book sounds great, until you actually try to make it. Most suppliers use their website (slow + crashes) or ask you to install software… yuck. In our app you can select the best photo in full screen with one click. Once you have all the pictures for your book you move to the design phase. Now you simply drag and drop your photos and if you want to crop one you can do this by pinching, as we all do… everyday. That’s it, you are literally done in 5 minutes!


  • Starting at 26 pages
  • Elegant square format (20 x 20 cm)
  • Hardcover to protect your book
  • Detailed colors due to professional deluxe printing
  • Created your album in 5 min. in the dejawoo app