10×15 Deluxe


4x Resolution

Our 10×15 Deluxe prints are produced exclusively on our Canon DreamLabo printers which guarantee a 4x higher resolution for excellent photo quality. This printing process uses FINE professional inkjet technology to place microscopic colour particles on the photo paper for clear and sharp contrasts.


1.000.000 Colours

The DreamLabo printing process completely eliminates the need for dangerous photo chemicals and so helps protect our environment. Your photos are printed with state-of-the-art inkjet technology that is years ahead of common instant printing machines and traditional chemical developing. We use 7 instead of 4 separate ink colours to faithfully reproduce 1.000.000 Colours and offer even more smooth black and white transitions.


  • 10×15 cm. Deluxe prints
  • Canon HD paper 285 g/m² glossy & matt
  • Canon Dreamlabo HD for even more brilliant colours and contrasts
  • 4x higher resolution 2.400 DPI
  • No toxic photo chemicals used