The 8 best tips for beautiful portraits


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The 8 best tips for beautiful portraits

With a successful portrait shot, you are no longer only sure of your dream job, but since the invention of the smartphone you have also been able to play masses of matches on Tinder and Likes on Instagram & Co. And that’s exactly why we present you our 8 best tips for the perfect mobile phone portrait:

1. Arm inside = arm on it.
In times when “Selfie” makes it to the word of the year, it’s not easy to advertise that the best portrait of you is still made by someone else. But if he’s not at hand right now, please use the Selfie-Stick and not his flesh made counterpart. Because an arm in the picture turns every portrait attempt into a #justanotherselfie.
2. Cheer up – we’ll get there!
If you photograph your motive slightly from above, almost every picture background is well-disposed to you – power lines and street signs do not spoil your portrait any more than a wardrobe bursting at the seams. You can achieve a similar result by photographing your subject slightly from below – using the sky or leaves as a background.
3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
That’s why it’s worth looking for colors that emphasize the eyes of your “model” and make it look more vivid. Try to photograph someone with brown eyes in front of sand or earth and someone with blue eyes in front of leaves or blue sky.
You will see: the photo can be seen!
4. I think the lightning hits me!
Almost every holiday has its downsides: On our travel photos long shadows often run over our faces in spite of bomb weather. The solution is as simple as it is outrageous: next time take a picture with lightning!
5. No (background) reason to panic!
If motif and background threaten to blur in terms of brightness, use tools to create contrast. Example: Dark velvet absorbs light – a bright wall reflects it.
6. The best tip – by far
If you keep your motif and the background “at a distance”, your picture gains depth and the composition becomes more interesting overall. So take a big step away from the wall.
7. A light comes on to you
You don’t play with fire. When it comes to light, things look different: Bright or soft (diffuse) light is the perfect background for a picture. So: Use the light that falls through the trees onto the lens during your next portrait shooting.
8. Beauty spot Glare spot
Glare spots are often deliberately used to make a photo more interesting – for example, the 08/15 wedding photo. You can also use them to skilfully conceal boring or restless backgrounds. Try it out: Place the sun in the picture without looking into it – after all, you want an aperture – not a blind spot.

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